Stimulus Check Update: An Upcoming Direct Payment From The Alaska Fund

stimulus check

After the first bulk payout went out earlier this month, Alaskan residents who have qualified for the nation’s PFD and have not yet received their stimulus checks would continue to receive payments during the following few weeks. The Alaska DoR has announced that on October 26 eligible residents would receive the second bulk disbursement of program payments, each totaling $1,312.

Adam Crum, commissioner of the Alaska DoR, stated in a statement that this year’s PFD “this year is the 42nd time when the state’s resource riches have been distributed to Alaskans in equal measure..” “We handled more applications this year than we did in 2022, he continued. “The 2023 PFD will directly benefit Alaskans by injecting almost $1B into the state’s economy.”.”

Basic Eligibility Criteria For Stimulus Check For Alaska Residents 

A candidate has to be a resident who wants to remain an Alaskan state homeowner permanently, as well as not be a convicted criminal and not have claimed residence throughout that year in a different state, in order to be eligible for the yearly payment from the state. The program is open to residents from January 1 to March 31 every year.

The ones who submitted applications electronically or on paper and asked for the payment to be paid as a  paper check or direct deposit are expected to receive payments from the second mass distribution. Applications must be verified as qualified for the stimulus checks by October 18 in order for the payout to be delivered later this month.

Alaskan authorities claim that the scheme is intended “to benefit the state’s present and future generations and that the Permanent Fund Dividend is decided by the mining earnings for the state that year.