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Stimulus Check- Tracing The Possibility For The Recurring Checks

When it comes to the need for the fourth round of stimulus check payments in the country, the situation is quite complicated as of now. While the economy of the entire world including the United States of America is gradually opening up, the Delta variant of the coronavirus is infecting more people. The officials have witnessed a rise in the cases of infection especially among those who are not yet vaccinated. And this is threatening the recovering economic conditions in the country. There still are so many people who are waiting for their economic conditions to improve and for that, they want the stimulus checks.  

Stimulus Check Reality

A number of senators belonging to the Democratic party took the initiative to express their need for the stimulus checks. Together, they wrote a letter to Joe Biden, the President. This incident took place in the month of March. They include Elizabeth Warren from the state of Massachusetts, Bernie Sanders from the state of Vermont, and Ron Wyden all the way from the state of Oregon. They requested the President to grant direct recurring payments as well as automatic insurance for the unemployed to be provided to the citizens. And they are or the only ones asking for the payments. Throughout the country, there is some form of demand going on for recurring checks

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However, this is the only reason why the possibility of the fourth round of the stimulus checks is still floating in the American air. There are several reasons that prove that the money will not be provided. The vaccination drive throughout the country is sure to lessen the chances of getting infected and the businesses of the country are already opening up which means the economy of the country will get better. Apart from all this, the lawmakers have not given their approval for the stimulus checks.  

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