Stimulus Check: California Still Giving Money

stimulus checks
Stimulus Checks

The proposed California stimulus check would provide a one-time payment of $600 to qualifying taxpayers, regardless of income.

California residents may be eligible for an additional stimulus check under a new proposal by Gavin Newsom.

The idea is simple: If you live in California, your state just gave you $5.5 billion to help recover from the recession, but that’s only half of what it should have given—the rest of its federal stimulus money was withheld by Republican members of Congress who didn’t want any part of helping out their constituents.

So now that we’re back on our feet and we’ve gotten over the shock of losing all those millions (they really add up), let’s give more back to our citizens! This can only mean good things for California’s economy as people spend their checks on goods and services made by other Californians instead of sending them all across the country or overseas.

Plus it will help pay down some debt incurred during the recession, which means no one will have to worry about being thrown into jail for unpaid taxes or having their house foreclosed upon because they don’t have enough money coming in from work these days either (which could happen if taxes aren’t paid).

The one-time payment would give $600 to each Californian who has an annual income up to $75,000. The money can be used for anything from buying food to paying rent or buying a new car.

Stimulus Checks For All

The state is also looking at offering a tax credit that would offset payroll taxes up to $500 per employee, which should encourage more small businesses to hire people.

The California Stimulus Check, also known as the “tax rebate check,” is a one-time payment of $1,000 per adult and $500 per child to be mailed out in September 2019. It’s intended to help low-income families in response to high gas prices.

The stimulus checks are part of the state’s effort to help low-income Californians with high fuel prices. 

Will California stimulus checks affect unemployment benefits?

The answer is yes, but only if you were unemployed before the recession. If you were collecting unemployment benefits prior to getting a California stimulus check, those payments may be affected.

For instance, if you recently started receiving unemployment insurance because of the economic downturn and now get a California stimulus check for $600 per month, your weekly benefit amount will be reduced by half of what it would otherwise have been. In this scenario, your weekly benefit amount would be $375 instead of $750 ($600 divided by 2).