Stimulus Check: Claim Before Approaching Deadline

Stimulus Check Disability Benefit
Stimulus Check

With time running out, around 10M citizens of The United States of America, who qualify for the stimulus checks and are yet to initiate a process to claim it, should do so, before time runs out on them. ACT NOW.

From time to time, U.S citizens have been issued Stimulus Checks ever since the covid pandemic. Since then their lives have been in absolute chaos. The rise in unemployment, inflation, and the cost of essentials was the last straw for the Middle and lower-income groups. They have been struggling to keep their nose above the water. The stimulus checks issued have been a welcome relief to many.

Stimulus Check Eligibility

Many who are yet to claim the stimulus check can check to see if they qualify. The different States issuing stimulus payments have their own eligibility criteria. 

But, it is important to file tax returns. And those who have missed the annual tax filing deadline in April, have time until October 17 to file. If a person who has little or no income is usually not required to file tax returns. However, in order to qualify for the stimulus payment, one must file a simplified return, before November 15.

On Oct. 11, GAO stated that there are many American residents who may be eligible for missing stimulus payments. As per their estimation, about 9 to 10 M people are qualified but are yet to file their tax returns to receive relief.

The Treasury and IRS reached out to about 9 M people who had not filed tax returns to let them know they had qualified for the stimulus payments and Child Tax Credits. But they are not sure how successful they were in their outreach. GAO report in June 2022, urged the IRS and the Treasury to do more to reach out to people who had not received payments.