Stimulus Check: Child Tax Credit Reach Significantly Lower

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check demands have grown over the last few months. Citizens have requested the government to aid them financially. The federal government stated that they would be open to any ideas benefitting the mass. However, they did not seem to be interested at all. Despite the launch of some commendable petitions, the government has remained unmoved. 

One such petition can be found online at Change.Org. The petition was initiated by the owner of a restaurant. The proposed bill asked for a monthly stimulus check of $2000. The bill became very much popular among the citizens. Close to three million people signed the petition in favor of the checks.

The number of covid cases has suddenly seen an upward climb. The health ministry has issued warnings about wearing a mask. Most of the covid mandates have been brought back yet again. Such a situation has made the citizens of the United States of America concerned. A new variant of the coronavirus, Omicron has threatened to wreak havoc.

Jerome Powell is the chairman of the Federal Reserve. He has expressed his concerns about the economy. Powell is fearful of a negative impact on the economy by the virus. However, a lot of people are not aware of some of the stimulus check schemes. Let us look at some of them. 

Stimulus Check Money Not Reaching Citizens 

One of the most shocking revelations had been made. The Child Tax Credit money has reached a significantly lower number of people. The claims for the CTC money were fifty percent lower than that of the checks.  This happened due to the lack of knowledge for most of the people. 

The child tax credit is aimed at providing child support to poor families. The government has stipulated a sum of $300 and $250 as per eligibility. The Democrats are aiming to run an awareness program regarding the matter in 2022.