Stimulus Check Demand Gains Momentum

stimulus check
stimulus check

The petition for the next round of stimulus checks that were carried out online has gained momentum. A total of 3 million people have submitted their demands for relief payments. The amount demanded by the citizens of the country is 2000 USD. The name of the petition is “” The person behind it is Stephanie Bonin, one of the restaurant owners based in the state of Colorado. The said online petition is growing its popularity as it becomes one of the most participated online petitions in the country. The petition targets the members of the US Senate. 

Stimulus Check’s Importance

The citizens are not the only ones placing a demand for the stimulus checks. The same is being done by the lawmakers belonging to the Democratic party. They are constantly a fourth round of the stimulus checks. Until now, the federal government has provided a total of 1200 USD to the citizens. It is a part of the Economic Security Act as well as the Coronavirus Aid Relief.

It was approved by Donald Trump, the former President of the country in the month of March last year. The federal government has also delivered the relief payment of 600 USD in the month of December as well as the relief payment of 1400 USD that was approved by the acting President, Joe Biden, in the month of March this year.  

Stephanie Bonin has given a statement on the petition page of “” in order to talk about the importance of the stimulus checks. It states that the recurring checks are absolutely important for the survival of the citizens. The online petition demands 2000 USD be given to adults and a check of 1000 USD to be provided for the benefit of the children. The petition also demands the payments be made until the pandemic gets completely over.