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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Ensure Your CTC Stimulus Check Will Automatically Reach Your Accounts

This coming Thursday, the first stimulus check for the child tax credits will start arriving. To know for certain that you qualify, there are new portals and tools made by the IRS. It is estimated that almost all US households who have children will get the payment.

Particulars And Methods Of Checking Your CTC Stimulus Check

Parents earning below $150,000 (joint filers and married) can receive a maximum of $300 per kid below 6. They will receive a CTC stimulus check worth $250 as monthly payments for each kid between 6 and 17. The rest of the payment will be paid in next year’s tax season. Those whose dependents are aged between 18 and 24, can get a chance to get the CTC stimulus check after filing taxes next year.

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But if you are hoping for this unofficial monthly stimulus check, then check out the following steps.

First up, see if your mailbox has a letter from the IRS regarding the CTC stimulus check. An estimated 36Mn families may qualify for the payment. The IRS has sent a letter to all of them. Even if you are a non-filer, the IRS will use whatever information about you is available online to determine if there are children in your family. So you can still get the advanced monthly stimulus checks from next week.

However, there will be another IRS letter that will confirm your eligibility and the estimated CTC check amount. If you have the letter, then keep it safe. Other than that, just wait for the payment to arrive in your account if your bank details are available with the IRS.

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If the bank details are not updated then you can use the IRS’s Child Tax Credit Update Portal to input them. You can also make use of the eligibility assistant to easily ascertain your eligibility status.

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