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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Stimulus Check Demands For The Elderly

Although the hopes for the fourth round of the stimulus checks are dying in the United States of America, owing to the absence of any such steps from the side of the government, there is another demand coming to the forefront. The name of the group placing the demand is called the “Senior Citizens League.” They are demanding the federal government to pay 1,400 USD to the senior citizens of the country.  They are a non-partisan group. This comes at a time when the online petition started in order to demand stimulus checks has almost reached 2.9 million supporters.

The Two Stimulus Check Demands

The league spent the entire month of September gathering support for the stimulus check federal aid payments. In case it gets approved, over 69 million citizens will be receiving the money. The reason cited by the non-partisan group to justify their demands is the ongoing inflation in the country. And that is with regard to all the basic amenities to sustain more like cars, food, gas, and so many others are causing a lot of pressure on the community. The ones who have very less income are the most affected which makes them needy for the stimulus check federal aid payments.

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It has been stated that the non-partisan group will be getting in touch with the Congressmen in the month of October. The rise in consumer prices that were recorded in the summer of 2021 was unprecedented. According to the prediction of some advocates, the cost of living in the year 2022 will witness an increase of 6.2% in the country. Meanwhile, the online petition started by Stephanie Bonin has gathered a total of 2,896,500 approvals. This demand is backed by a number of lawmakers belonging to the Democratic Party as well. 

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