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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Stimulus Check Demands Growing As More People Lose Jobs

Stimulus Check was provided by the government of America as relief funds. When the whole country was being locked up, the government decided to come to the rescue. These funds provided monetary relief to all eligible citizens. Most of them were struggling to meet their expenses. After they received these checks, they could focus more on productivity. 

The federal government provided only three sets of stimulus checks. These checks were soon exhausted by the people of America. Since then, the citizens have pleaded with the government for more funds. They have launched various petitions that have gathered a large number of signatures. 

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However, the government has turned a deaf ear so far. Despite the reluctance of the government, the rate of unemployment has spiked up. This could be a deciding factor in the claims of a fourth stimulus check. 

Stimulus Check 4 To Be Driven By Unemployment? 

The federal government has stated that the economy has started to bounce back. However, the reality seems much more different. More people have lost their jobs recently. According to the recent data, 351,000 new claims of lost jobs have been reported. The number stood at 335,000 previously. 

Apart from the number of lost jobs, the continued unemployment has spiked up as well. The latest reports have recorded the tally to an alarming 181,000. The government has provided benefits for the unemployed. This benefit is currently being claimed by over 2.8 million citizens. 

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The rising cases of unemployment can be the driving factor for the fourth stimulus checks. The government will need to aid the unemployed citizens. As per rumors, even if there will be a fourth check, it will only cater to the unemployed. It now remains to be seen what decision the government takes in this matter. 

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