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Stimulus Check Dispatched In California

The first batch of the stimulus check financial aid payments got dispatched in the state of California. It was done this week. It has been stated that a total of 600,000 residents received the money provided by the officials of the state. The official name given to the payment is the “Golden State Stimulus” check payments. The total amount of money that was distributed was 354 million USD. and the number of checks that were generated was probably 600,000. This information was given out by the spokesman of the Franchise Tax Board of the state, Daniel Tahara

Newsom’s Stimulus Check

The main aim behind providing the stimulus check financial aid payments was in order to provide financial help to the people of the state. Especially those who have been greatly impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This information was given out by Gavin Newsom, the governor of the state belonging to the Democratic Party.

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The stimulus checks financial aid payments provided in the state are reported to be the largest tax rebate of a state in the United States of America. It is expected to benefit about 66% of the state’s population. 

The eligibility criteria of the stimulus check financial aid payments are dependent on the tax return of the person of the year 2020. The deadline to do so in order to receive the money provided by the state is the 15th of October this year.

There is an online platform that has been readied in order to help the residents check their eligibility criteria. It was also stated that those residents who have completed filing their taxes and everything will receive their money by the 15th of October. The special election is also to take place in the state on the 14th of September this year.

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