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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Stimulus Check: News Of New Checks Are Fake

Stimulus Check money is requested by the people of America. The demands have now been around for a long time. People have been pushing the claims for almost two months now.

The Stimulus Check provided a huge monetary relief to the citizens of America. It was first announced by the federal government in March. 

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The common people of America do not seem to be satisfied with the government. Despite demands & requests, the federal government seemed to turn a deaf ear. 

Several petitions have also been launched. The petition by Stephanie Bonin has gained significant momentum. The bill proposes a recurring payment of $2000 per month. But the federal government does not seem to entertain the claims.

America has witnessed a huge surge in the covid cases recently. They have recorded an alarming rate of infections. This has instilled a sense of fear in the minds of the people.

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Despite all the concerns, the stimulus check possibilities seem bleak. The government does not seem to sanction any more money. However, residents must be aware of fake news doing the rounds. 

Stimulus Check: News Of Fourth Checks Are False 

The residents of America are very much vulnerable at the moment. Fraudsters have taken this opportunity to exploit the situation.

A large amount of false news is doing the rounds in America. A recently published news stated that the federal government has announced a new check.

Residents were immediately interested and clicked the link. The video was uploaded on YouTube on the 28th of January. Till now, the video has garnered a whopping 20000 views. 

Unfortunately, all this news of stimulus checks is fake. The IRS confirmed that no new payments have been announced.

The government also asked the citizens to be aware of these scams. These false articles might contain phishing links that might lead to serious financial damages.

The only stimulus checks that are available are the pending plus-up payments. 

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