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Where’s My Second California Stimulus Check? Over 800,000 Additional Payments Could Go Out In The Latest Round

It has been close to two months since California began the Golden State Stimulus II payments of $600 plus an extra $500 for each eligible dependents. The stimulus checks have gone out to millions of residents of the state. But many residents are left wondering where’s my second California stimulus check.

GSS II is an expanded form of the first round of payments made by the state. In this round, more people have qualified for dependents check.

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Over a $1B has gone out in the second round of payments of the Golden State Stimulus. For most, it came as a sort of festival bonus during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Over 9,000 payments were made in the second week of December alone. The latest figures indicate that $568M was paid to 794,000 individuals and families.

The state of California will provide the GSS II payments to individuals and families who, qualify for the payment. For residents wanting to know where’s my second California stimulus check, here are a few FAQs that should clear their doubts.

Clear Your Doubts To Know Where’s My Second California Stimulus Check

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To qualify for the second Golden State Stimulus, you should have filed your income tax returns for 2020, with October 15 last year being the deadline.

You must also have a CA AGI between $1 and $75,000 for the financial year of 2020. For the stimulus check, you must also have been a resident of California for over half of the tax year 2020.

You must also be a resident of California on the date the stimulus check is issued by the administration. Finally, you must not have been claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer. 

To be declared a dependent, you must be a qualifying relative or a qualifying child. If you have not qualified for Golden State Stimulus II, be may have qualified for the first round of the payments.

As the final date of the filing has passed on October 15 last year, only those with pending ITIN can file. You do not have to do anything if you have filed your tax returns by that date.

But if you still feel that you need to know where my second California stimulus check is, you should first check if your payment is not coming in through the US postal service in the form of a paper check. That seems most likely if you have not received a refund with your tax return.

Payments will start going out on the basis of the final 3 digits of the postal ZIP code. Some payments will need more processing time for completeness and accuracy.

If your state tax return has been processed on or after the scheduled payment date according to your ZIP code, you will have to wait for at least 60 days after your tax return has been processed. And once the paper checks are dispatched, you will need to wait at least 3 weeks before you receive the GSS II checks.

You can check on the erroneous payment facility on the site to clarify facts if you have received the wrong payment, or received the check by mistake. So the main issue that you need to ensure is filing the tax return on time. The rest will be processed by the California Franchise Tax Board.

If you have met all the requirements of the Golden State Stimulus II, this is how much you can expect from the state.

If you have qualified for Golden State Stimulus I and claimed credit for one or more dependents, you get a check of $500.

If you have not qualified for the first round and did not claim any credit for dependents, you will get a check of $600.

If you have qualified for the second round and also claimed credit for a dependent, you will get a stimulus check of $1,100.

If you have qualified for the first round but did not claim any credit for dependents, you do not qualify for ht second round.

A Major Reason For People Asking Where’s My Second California Stimulus Check

Most residents received their payment through direct bank transfer to their accounts in the first round of payments. But people who filed their tax returns after August 20, 2021, will have a greater waiting period before they get their GSS II benefits.

People who are concerned about where’s my second California stimulus check even after 45 days as payments that started going out on October 4 were supposed to be winded up by December 2021.

But it was the ZIP code that is a vital factor for getting the stimulus check. For those whose income tax returns have been processed after the date of the scheduled payment of the ZIP code, it will take as many as 60 days before you get your check.

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