Stimulus Check: Petitions For A 4th Round Of Payments Reach 2.8Mn

stimulus check
stimulus check

Almost 3 million people have already put forward online petitions for another Stimulus check payment. Stephanie Bonin, the creator of a petition, has stated that there is a need for immediate checks as well as recurring payments in order to survive and keep themselves afloat in the economy.

Bonin’s petition has its plans on setting $2000 per month to every American citizen and has been directed towards the Senate and the House. Several Democrats in Congress have already started urging the President and his administration to start pushing for yet another round of payments. 

Is The Fourth Stimulus Check A Necessity?

Five other petitions stipulated on monthly stimulus check payments have also started gaining traction throughout the past month- as stated by Newsweek. Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary for the White House stated on the 3rd of June that the President was currently focused on establishing new jobs.

Nonetheless, he is still on board to hear other ideas that would definitely stimulate the American economy. In the press briefing, the Secretary stated that the President has already proposed what he thinks to be the best plan for the current term- which would entail putting people back to work. It would also help them through a very pivotal period of time- while making the country competitive on the broader spectrum. 

Currently, the economy has shown major signs of getting back on track- with the number of jobless claims coming to an all-time low and the payroll growth beyond what was expected in June. Yet, the rate of unemployment still stands at 5.9%, which is 2% higher than what it was in February of 2000. In such a scenario, maybe a fourth Stimulus Check can fix certain problems.