$500 Stimulus Check For Essential Workers

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

In Massachusetts, a $500 stimulus check will be handed to half a million people in March, with the first recipients being essential employees.

Gov. Charlie Baker passed the COVID-19 Essential Employee Premium Pay Program (EEPPP) into law on Dec 13, last year. According to the state’s website, the Legislature set aside $460 M for stimulus payments to Massachusetts employees, which will provide a $500 stimulus check to half a million low-income essential workers across Massachusetts.

Stimulus Checks Will Be Given To Eligible Essential Workers

Recipients must meet the following criteria to be considered:

-Must’ve submitted their tax return for the year 2020.

-Been a full-time resident of Massachusetts in 2020, or a partial resident who lived in the state from March 10, 2020, to December 31, 2020.

-Having earned an annual income of $12.7K, in 2020, is required for employee compensation.

-In 2020, had a gross family income of less than 300 percent of the national poverty level

According to the state’s website, all qualified persons will get a check in the mail. Individuals who received unemployment compensation in 2020, as well as Commonwealth executive branch workers who got or will receive a one-time payment from the state as their employer, will not be eligible for round 1 of the stimulus checks. As of 2020 ($12.75), the $12,750 income requirement translates to working 20 hours per week for 50 weeks at minimum wage.

For example, a single filer with no dependents can earn up to $38,280 in total income; a resident filing with a spouse and two dependents, or no spouse and three dependents, can earn up to $78,600 in total income. Married filers may be eligible if each qualifies individually, according to the website.