Another $1,400 Stimulus Check For Social Security Recipients

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The population is unlikely to get another stimulus check but an influential advocacy group is pressurizing Congress to send another $1,400 stimulus check to the people who receive Social Security. This extra push will help them fight against inflation.

The Senior Citizens League sent a letter to the US House of Representatives and the Senate and urged them to consider this stimulus.

Senior Citizens League Urges For Another Stimulus Check

Thousands of seniors have exhausted their retirement savings and have started eating one meal a day. They have cut their pills in half as they can not afford the prescription drugs. Inflation has hit them pretty hard this year. It seems like the government has forgotten about them. All these points were mentioned in the letter.

The Next Social Security checks will have an increase of 6% after altering its cost-of-living components. The Senior Citizens Leagues stated that it was not enough. It could also push some seniors into the higher tax brackets and it will result in surcharges to their Medicare part B premiums.

A new stimulus check is urgently needed to defray such costs as the Social Security benefits for 2021 went up only 1.3%.

The influential group stated that the chances to get this new stimulus check is pretty slim but such a movement will rally more seniors to make this a major issue in 2022. That major support can build up support from Congress.

It’s not just seniors who are hoping for a fourth stimulus check, though. More than 2.9 million people have signed a petition calling for recurring $2,000 payments to adults and $1,000 payments to children.