$800 Stimulus Check For South Carolina Residents

Tax Season Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Homeowners in South Carolina can no longer file their 2021 taxes in time to get a Stimulus Check of up to $800 unless they do so in the next two weeks.

This tax rebate is available to all residents of South Carolina who filed their taxes for the year 2021 by February 15th. After that, in March, the state’s Department of Revenue said, the money will be distributed to those who are due it.

A South Carolina resident’s Stimulus Check amount will be determined by their expected state income tax liability for the 2020 tax year. If a resident’s tax liability is less than $800, that person will receive a rebate in the amount of their tax liability; if it is more than $800, that person will receive a rebate in the amount of $800.

The Stimulus Check Expiration Date Is Almost Here

A citizen’s refund may be reduced by the amount of their outstanding personal tax due with the department. A recipient’s Stimulus Check amount would be decreased by the amount of any overdue balance.

The original deadline for the government to submit this refund was Oct 17, 2022. Individuals who submitted their 2021 tax returns by April 17 received their refunds before the end of the previous year. Beneficiaries can check the status of their rebates using an online rebate tracker. The line 10 information from the recipient’s 2021 SC1040 and the recipient’s Social Security number or individual tax identification number are needed to use this tool.

For further information on this refund, please contact the Revenue Department at 803-722-1958 or visit their website.