Stimulus Check For The Teaching Staff

stimulus checks

Some states of the United States of America are separately distributing the stimulus checks to the teachers of some local schools. The money comes as a bonus that is just for one time. The total account of the federal payment is 1000 USD. This gesture comes as a way for the government to thank the teaching staff for the efforts that have been provided during the coronavirus pandemic.   

Stimulus Check As A “Thank You”

Providing an extra amount of money to the teachers in the form of a stimulus check is another way to retain the educators of the society and to salute their efforts of sticking towards the rules as per the status of the coronavirus in the country. They stuck to virtual teaching methods when the schools were shut down and taught in classrooms when the schools reopened. However, this gesture of the states has been criticized by some people. According to them, the federal funding could have been used by the governments in a better manner. 

The states that are providing the 1000 USD stimulus checks to the teaching staff include Florida, Georgia, and Michigan. They have made the decision of distributing the money, and some have even successfully provided the money. The state of Michigan was successful in providing a total of 500 USD as bonuses to all the teachers.

They also provided 250 USD to the staff. This was done in the last weeks of the month of February. The total money distributed by the state in providing the teachers is 73 million USD. Apart from that, Tennessee, Texas, California, and Colorado have spoken out on their plans of doing the same. A similar plan was presented in the state of Hawaii but that was declined by the state governor.