Stimulus Check Four: When Is It Coming?

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Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check provision is the best decision taken by the US government. Economies of many countries struggled during the pandemic. But the checks provided much-needed stability to the economy. It helped in removing poverty to a great extent. As the government funding draws to a close, demands for new ones have risen. 

Stimulus Check Four Likely Amidst Pandemic? 

Robert Reich posted his thoughts on Twitter. He appreciated the government for having a significant drop in the levels of poverty. He further expressed his concerns over the current situation. He acknowledged Stimulus Checks to be the reason for the poverty figures. However, he was worried because the final checks were delivered. He asked the government to reconsider its stand on fourth check payments. 

America has seen the highest number of covid cases in recent weeks. Surges in the rate of infections have alarmed society. People have been advised to practice wearing the mask again. The Delta strain of variant is expected to cause another wave. This meant the people would be needing money to live. 

Many officials in Congress are keen on more monetary assistance. They are working hard to convince the President. The people have joined hands and launched a massive campaign.  The website accumulated more than 2.5 m signatures. The government is being repeatedly asked for recurring payments. A sum of $2000 paid on a monthly basis is what the citizens gave see only. 

Some parts of society have returned to normalcy. Others are still struggling to get on with their boring life. The announcement of a Fourth stimulus check will provide financial respite to the struggling families. Many states have already started their fundings. California will provide stimulus checks starting from September. Residents earning between 30000-70000 will receive the mentioned money.