Stimulus Check Fraud Numbers Are Constantly Increasing

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The cybercriminals of the internet are currently focusing on the stimulus check payments provided by the different states in the last few years. These criminals are using sophisticated tech to trick their targets into gicing up their banking and personal details. That way they are taking away these stimulus check payments from their accounts. However, there are crooks who prefer the old tech and less advanced methods to do the same, and the numbers are skyrocketing.

Instead of sending those old-school phishing emails or malicious texts, the crooks are now trying a advanced pen and paper approach. Some of them are stealing the payment checks from the mailboxes of taxpayers.

Leaving a stimulus check for a bit longer in your mailbox has become a security risk nowadays. As per the data from AARP, the check fraud is increasing with every passing day. Many scammers are stealing these stimulus check payments from the mailboxes of the receivers of these payment checks.

Stimulus Check Frauds Are Increasing:

Many of the criminals are also committed to take these payment checks during pandemic. A resident of New York City has recently got a 235USD check altered to be 9k USD. The check got cashed in and the victim lost all their money.

Stories of check frauds are surprisingly growing exponentially. However, there are many ways to confirm that your checks are safe.

Paying your bills online can keep your money safe from these cybercriminals. If you are paying bills online that is to be considered a safe option as long as the user does not use any public WiFi.

Delivering the mail to a post-office can also be a great way to save your money from getting stolen. Never leave the envelops in your mailbox. Take the letters to your nearest post office and drop them there to be safe.