Stimulus Check Money Stolen From Tampa Women: Investigations Ongoing

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Recently a burglary shocked the Tampa women to whom it happened. Apparently, the woman was shocked to realise that her stimulus check money was wrongly stolen from her bank. The woman who talked with the media but wanted to keep herself anonymous has revealed that she recently received a message from her bank that twelve hundred dollars has been stolen from her bank account. The woman, getting alarmed, instantly reported it to the officers as she is convinced that she has never requested any withdrawals from the account. 

The bank upon getting contacted by the account holder informed the woman that this withdrawal happened from the national government. This means that a thief obtained the details of the personal account and then used those information to steal the stimulus check money from the woman. Apparently the money stolen from the bank was redirected to a prepaid debit card. The payments could not be tracked after that.

While the search for the stimulus check is still work in progress, this apparently isn’t an exceptional case. As per the TIGTA, there are numerous cases of such fraud. 

Stimulus Check Under Surveillance Of The Thieves: 

However, the victims of such crimes can easily recoup their losses by taking immediate actions. The TIGTA hotline is always open for people who fall victim to such crimes. Also, the Internal Revenue Services has also set up a website where these victims can report these crimes. 

To keep yourself safe from these problems, you should be extra cautious before sharing any of your personal information with anyone. You should always be careful about the people who may have the access to such confidential information and should never distribute such information to any stranger.