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Stimulus Check Updates: Are The States Still Paying Money?

Stimulus Checks have been provided to be the biggest financial pillar during the pandemic. The administration of Joe Biden sanctioned the plan to provide backup to the struggling families. The economy of America came crashing down after the shutdown was inflicted. This left a chunk of the population unemployed. America saw its highest rate of unemployment during this period.

To combat the dark times, three checks were sanctioned. These checks were paid to the eligible citizens of the country. Money was paid to the ones that earned less than $75000 per year. For joint filers, the amount was limited to $150000. Unfortunately, after the third check was dispatched, the federal government did not seem interested in another check. Lots of petitions were signed asking the government to provide another check.

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All the requests seem to have gone in vain. However, there is good news for the Americans. The States have not shut their financial allowances completely. There are a lot of states that are still dishing out money for the residents. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Stimulus Check News From The States

Stimulus Checks are still available from the states. Several states are providing financial assistance to the citizens of their respective states.

Taxpayers in Colorado will be entitled to a check of $400. Joint filers will receive $800. These payments are expected to be dispatched in the month of September. 

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Residents in Delaware will be getting stimulus checks amounting to between $300-and $600.

States like Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, and Illinois have also announced stimulus payments for their residents. 

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