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Stimulus Check In 14 American States: You Could Be Among The Lucky Ones

Several states have got into the act and have stepped up efforts to offer state stimulus checks on their own. The federal administration remains mired in discussions over the domestic agenda at present. The Democrats are finding it rough to push through the social spending and the infrastructure bills. The preoccupation effectively puts on hold any move for a 4th stimulus check for the moment. But several states have come up with stimulus checks on their own, partially financed by federal funds.

Several states have got into the act and have stepped up efforts to offer state stimulus checks on their own. They continue to be the only source of stimulus checks for different groups of citizens in the absence of continued federal support following the 3rd stimulus check.

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With the end of the enhanced unemployment support in September, an additional 9 million workers have lost their last source of support. The employment scenario continues to be grim with unemployment levels remaining way above the pre-pandemic figures.

Stimulus Check Being Sent To Specific Groups 

The states have started giving stimulus checks of varying amounts to various groups. Several states have placed teachers at the top of their priority. They have been prioritized for their frontline role during the pandemic.

While Michigan has given $500 as hazard pay to each teacher in the state, Oklahoma has allocated $13M from federal funds for paying teachers.

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Administrators and teachers of Georgia and Florida will get a $1,000 check. Teachers employed part-time in Georgia will get $500. Tennessee has also allocated a one-time hazard pay of $1,000 for its teachers.

Parents in Missouri are entitled to a temporary grant that is meant to compensate for childcare costs. Families in New Hampshire with three members can expect an income of $1,086.

The largest state-funded effort comes from California, where the Golden State Stimulus 2 will benefit millions of residents of the state. While it is $600, eligible children can add $500 to that amount.

Arizona is giving a $1,000 incentive to jobless workers under its Back to Work initiative. Connecticut has a similar play that offers claimants who rejoin after 8 weeks of redundancy a stimulus check of $1,000.

Idaho has given a one-time tax rebate averaging $248. Nearly 116,000 residents of Minnesota are entitled to a check of $1,200. Residents of New Mexico who did not receive federal support will get an emergency payment of $750. This stimulus check covers undocumented residents. students in Ohio will get support from a grant fund of $45M.

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