Stimulus Check In Chicago Has An Extended Deadline For Application

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Stimulus Check

The central government of the US has not been giving further stimulus checks to citizens in desperate need of financial aid. On the other, many of the US states have come forward to provide financial assistance to their residents so they at least buy basic needs like gas, food, and medicines. 

The state of Chicago is one such state that will be providing additional stimulus checks at the beginning of 2023. However, the residents who have failed to apply for their relief payment should not panic. The Resiliency Fund of Chicago 2.0 has effectively extended their application deadline till 31st December. 

New Deadline For Chicago Stimulus Check 

The 2.0 Resiliency Fund is being provided by the state of Chicago to eligible residents. Lori Lightfoot, Mayor, along with the Support Services and Family Department of Chicago announced that they will distribute funds worth $14.68 million. In addition, almost 25,500 single residents will receive relief payments from this initiative. 

Although the initial deadline for this program was 9th December, the state decided to extend the deadline concerned for those who could not apply within the stipulated time. Eligible beneficiaries can now apply till 31st December 2022 and receive a $500 stimulus check as a one-time payment. 

Details For Beneficiaries 

The state government mentioned that eligible resident should be over 18 years of age. Also, their income should be less than 300% of the mentioned federal poverty level in order to receive this Resiliency aid. The minimum family income must be within $40,770. Applicants must be domestic workers, illegal immigrants, or paid their 2019 taxes.