Stimulus Check-In Crisis As Economic Inflation Rises High

Tax Season Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Inflations have been skyrocketing for more than a year now. Recipients have exhausted most of their savings and are piled up on debt from credit cards to satisfy their basic needs like house rent or food supplies. For the last couple of months, the federal tax department has failed to issue any further stimulus checks for financial aid and is likely to approve any checks anytime soon. Thousands of American citizens are in debt and are hoping to get help from the state’s fund soon enough.

Stimulus Check At Halt With Unemployment Charts Hitting Its Lowest  

Previously, the federals have relied on stimulus checks during times of great depression like between 2007-2009 at times of recession and lately during the pandemic when unemployment was at its peak. While the pandemic session came to its course by the end of 2022 the issuance of stimulus checks came to a halt as well. The unemployment scores remained low the whole year. And while economists expected the rates to strike up by the beginning of 2023 so far yet any upgrades have failed to progress. 

The statistics for employment rates till the week ending of 14th Jan just came in from the Bureau stating an overall downfall in jobless claims. The following week the status from jobless claims came in at 190,000 reporting a huge decrease of about 15,000 overall from its former weeks. The figures prove that jobless claims have decreased from 212,500 to 206,000 within the span of a few weeks.

Hence, the unemployment status seems to be hitting its lowest in January this year. However, it’s just the beginning and the stature can take its course any way within the forthcoming 12 months. Although the unemployment statistics by far do confirm that taxpayers should not be expecting any stimulus check as financial aid from the government shortly.