7 States Are Planning Upon Increasing 2023 Stimulus Checks

stimulus check

Three years ago, the pandemic was spreading and there was no telling what would happen next, so things were looking dismal. Then, amid all the gloom, there was a glimmer of hope when it had been revealed that stimulus check payments would be distributed to Americans experiencing severe financial hardship as a result of the global shutdown.

Here Are The Following States Who Have Plans Of Increasing Stimulus Checks This Year:


The estimated tax in California ranges from $200- $1,050, relying upon your earnings, paying status, and the presence of dependents. For the requirements, contact the California Tax Franchise Board.


The estimated range of amount provided as stimulus checks in Idaho is, $75 for every member of a family or around 13% of the revenue obligation before credits and payoffs of the 1st year’s refunds equal to 11% of the 2021 taxes before credits, extra taxes, payoffs, and gifts, whichever is greater. 


the estimated amount for 2021 state tax rebates is $800 for joint filers and $450 for single taxpayers. For more information regarding stimulus checks, contact the  State Tax Administrator.

New Jersey

Based on 2019 earnings and whether citizens had been property owners or renters this particular year, New Jersey’s estimated amount would be, for those who owned houses in 2019 and have a combined earning of $160,000 or below will get rebates of $1,500 through the ANCHOR Tax Relief Program in 2023. 

New Mexico

There are two ongoing schemes in Mexico, for the chief of a family or widowers as taxpayers in 2021, with earnings under $150,000, the estimated amount in New Mexico is $500;

Expected 2nd Rebate: $500 for individual citizens and married people filing individually in 2021, and $1,000 for joint, chief of household, and widower taxpayers.


Approx Amount: up to $975 for certain older citizens, $500 or $650 for qualified renters, and $250 to $650 for qualified homeowners.

South Carolina 

Expected Amount: Up to $800 in rebates, depending on your paying status for your 2021 South Carolina revenue tax debt (net of credits).