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Stimulus Check Update: New Program Will Issue $500 Payments

John Fourier, the Acting City administrator, recently stated that 100 families would be receiving a stimulus check in installments of $500. He further added that they would be looking towards collaborating with researchers to fully determine the impact of this program on the community as well as the individual recipients.

This pilot program is definitely modeled on another research that is being conducted in Stockton, California. After the initial year, it was reported that the citizens went on to experience less anxiety and depression- compared to the pressure group which hadn’t received the payments.

Stimulus Check Installment To Help Residents Out 

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In a report made by the Los Angeles Times, it was reported that recipients that had received a stimulus check monthly installments of $500 were also pretty able to find full-time employment much faster than the individuals in the control group.

Other researchers have also gone on to propose some similar programs which include Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Under the American Rescue Plan Act, Ann Arbor will be receiving a sum of $24 million as stimulus funds which have to be divided into other initiatives as well as other social service programs. 

In their attempt to not go overboard on the stimulus check budget, the city would also have the final say on which initiatives deserve to be funded. After this, the city council would be the one making the final decision. Quite a few citizens are quite hopeful about this newly developed funding initiative. In one tweet, Linh Song, a Council Member, responded that she had been previously asking for a universal base income program for the last six months which would go well with other social service organizations. 

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It has been reported that only 50% of the federal stimulus check funding for the city has been received- the other half would be coming in next year.

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