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Stimulus Check News: Massachusetts Announces $500 Tax Rebate Checks

A new stimulus check is on the way in Massachusetts, with legislators in the Massachusetts State Legislature announcing on Thursday a plan to send $250 and $500 checks to residents across the state.

In a joint statement from House Speaker. Ronald Mariano and Senate President Karen E. Spilka, Massachusetts’s legislators said that residents would receive checks based on their income level. The money is likely to come from the state government’s $3.6 billion surpluses from the last fiscal year, as reported by the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation.

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It comes after reports that residents across the state were hoping for “inflation relief” from the government. Residents told WWLP how they believe the state government should keep the stimulus check coming, and that the minimum wage should be increased to cover the cost of food and energy.

The New Stimulus Check: Who Is Eligible?

Under the plan, eligible recipients would receive a one-time $250 check as a single taxpayer, while couples who file together will receive a single check of $500.

To qualify for the payments, taxpayers must have earned at least $38,000 and less than $100,000 in 2021. Couples earning more than $150,000 combined will not be eligible for the payment, nor will individual taxpayers earning at least $100,000.

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The minimum income requirement means that only those who paid a sufficient amount of tax to the state will receive money back.

If you are eligible for the payment, which the state government will know based on your tax return, you should receive the payment before September 30.

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