Stimulus Check News Update

stimulus checks

Stimulus Check has been a constant area of concern for America. The past few months have passed debating over whether there is a need for more or not. Well, the question has finally been answered. Yes, there is indeed a requirement for the fourth round of stimulus checks. 

Most of the households in America are struggling to find their foothold post covid. The pandemic has caused a great deal of damage to the economy. This has resulted in a lot of people losing their jobs. The government did provide three installments of stimulus payments. The money received from the federal government did not suffice in the long run. It got exhausted pretty soon as people paid off their debts with the money. 

Many petitions have been launched to pursue the government in providing more funds. However, the likes of any more assistance on the federal level look bleak. In order to aid their citizens, most of the states have decided to provide fundings. Let us look at some of the checks announced by the states. 

Stimulus Check Money By The States

One of the first states to announce stimulus payments was California. Governor Gavin Newsom structured the Golden State Stimulus II. This program is aimed at the welfare of residents earning below $75000 annually. The eligible citizens were rewarded with a sum of $600. Families having dependents were provided with an extra $500 for child care purposes. 

States such as Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia announced stimulus checks for teachers. The $1000 “Thank You” checks were distributed to salute the teachers for their hard work. Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware also announced checks. These States have done a tremendous job in supporting their citizens in times of distress. As the federal government does not seem interested, stimulus checks from states seem to be the way to go.