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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Stimulus Check Update: NYC Has Delivered A Payment Of $5,000

Several New York authorities have decided to send out a sum of $5,000 as stimulus check assistance to taxi drivers, artists, and the homeless. This would be part of a recovery plan which is going to be funded by stimulus funds under the American Rescue Plan of Joe Biden.

In an outline that had 70-pages, the city authorities put forward their plans to use the stimulus funds worth $6 billion which was received from the Biden administration in order to send assistance worth $5,000 relief payments. This would be sent out to 1,800 local artists under the New York City Artist Corps program which has its deadline in October. 

Stimulus Check Programs Created By New York City

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New York City will be allocating around $65 million in stimulus check relief funds for the taxicab community- where the drivers and staff are usually people of color and immigrants. The outline further states that the relief payments have been intended towards helping individual medallion owners in achieving a far more equitable level of medallion debt whilst stabilizing their financial situation.

The city will also allocate a stimulus check sum of $125 million to assist the homeless. It will also be working under an effort by the civic authorities to cut down homelessness in the streets by half especially the rise that came up during the pandemic. The report claimed that the city had been prioritizing efforts to make sure every single resident was vaccinated against the pandemic- which would help restart the economy of the city. 

There will be yet another program by the authorities which would involve a stimulus check funding worth $1.5 billion- strictly aimed at supporting small businesses, as well as increasing employment. Around $52.5 million have been earmarked in order to increase the tourism of the city back to pre-pandemic levels.

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