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Stimulus Check Update: Possibility Of Another Payment

With the rise in Delta variants, another stimulus check could definitely help those who have been struggling in these times. As it has been known throughout, the pandemic managed to completely shut down the American economy for almost a year and a half. The Delta variant currently has been pushing the number of cases up, amongst those who remain unvaccinated.

Unfortunately, while it can be claimed that a rise in the number of cases would definitely put a stop to the economic rebound, the truth remains that there have been many who have yet to touch on this recovery. The rate of unemployment keeps exceeding the levels set pre-pandemic. 

Support For A Fourth Stimulus Check

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In Congress, there have been a group of Democratic Senators that include Elizabeth Warren, Ron Wyden, Bernie Sanders, and others who are in support of another stimulus check. Back in March, this group had also sent a letter to the President where they were requesting automatic unemployment insurance along with direct payments which have been tied to economic conditions. 

The Senators placed this letter with the reasoning that the pandemic wasn’t over yet. Several families deserved the certainty that they would be able to take care of themselves, or at least stay afloat during such perilous times. A fourth stimulus check would definitely prevent families from having to depend solely on timelines that kept shifting according to legislative demands as well as hoc solutions.

Again, there was a letter sent on the 17th of May from the House Ways and Means Committee which further pushed the demands for another stimulus check. The letter stated that the $1,400 checks under the American Rescue Plan would definitely be able to keep almost 11 million people out of a state of poverty. They would also be assisted with unemployment insurance expansion and several other bill provisions which would account for 5 million more.

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