Stimulus Check Payment- One-Time Bonus Of $1,000 Available

Stimulus check

Quite a large section of the American population has a couple of days left to apply for a one-time stimulus check payout that would total $1,000. The qualifying residents would then also be eligible for tax rebates and several other economic aid checks as soon as this summer- if they manage to apply on time.

The process has already started- as the governor of New Mexico went on to sign a bill that would give relief to the applicants who went on to file their requests by the 31st of May. Tens of millions of dollars have already been allocated for financial relief- but the funds would be set aside for an extremely limited number of households. 

One-Time Stimulus Check Bonus Payment Of $1,000 Applicable

The procedure for the one-time rebate application began on the 2nd of May, with a couple of days left for the residents of New Mexico to start applying. There are quite a few criteria that need to be satisfied in order to be deemed eligible for the stimulus check payment. Households that have married couples or single individuals with more than a single dependent will be able to command economic relief payments of $1,000. Interestingly, households of single individuals without any dependents will be receiving a sum of $500. 

Incidentally, the legislature has also decided to allocate a sum of $20 million for economic relief payments to a few non-filers, and these funds will be made available specifically to applicants on a strictly first-come, first-served basis. 

The Governor of New Mexico, Grisham, recently mentioned in an interview that with the rising prices of gas, household expenses, and other groceries, there is a need for immediate action that would protect the paychecks of the citizens of the country through a stimulus check payment.