Stimulus Checks In New Mexico And Other States

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Despite the constant demand placed for the fourth round of the stimulus check financial aid payments, the federal government still has not given any statement on the matter. And this takes place as the condition of the coronavirus pandemic in the country is very serious. The Delta variant of the virus has affected a large population throughout the United States of America. As of now, the federal government and the administration of Joe Biden, the President, have shifted their focus to so many other things. 

Stimulus Check Details

The online petition that was begun by the Colorado-based Stephanie Bonin to streamline the demand for another round of the stimulus check financial aid payment has earned almost 3 million approvals. This only proves the want of the stimulus checks financial aid payments among the people. However, irrespective of the inaction of the federal government on the matter, the state governments of some states are trying their best to provide financial upliftment to their residents on the basis of their eligibility.

The said states are California, Florida, New Mexico, Tennessee, and the state of Texas. Another round of financial aid payments has already begun in the state of California under Gavin Newsom, the current governor of the state. And the money provided belongs to the state itself. Florida is providing a total of 1000 USD stimulus check financial aid payments to the teaching staff. This is a way of honoring the teachers for the efforts and hard work that they have done in carrying out their duties in the coronavirus pandemic. New Mexico provided the money to those who did not receive the federal aid payments. Tennessee and Texas provided the money for their teaching staff.