Stimulus Check Payment Schedule: When Can You Expect Your Money?

stimulus check
Stimulus Check

Another round of the 3rd stimulus check payments was issued by the IRS this week. New payments have been scheduled almost every week. Follow this article to know more about delays, money, partial checks, and delivery dates in detail.

New rounds of 3rd stimulus check payments are being sent out every week. However, if you are having problems like not receiving your paycheck or receiving a lesser amount than what you expected, don’t worry! The IRS is having an issue with those as it is busy juggling the tax refunds of 2020 and an issue called plus-up payments. This article will share the schedule of the payments and explain how to get help while facing an issue.

Stimulus Check Status

The supplemental payments were made by the IRS to people whom it owes larger money due to the latest tax filing. Once the IRS calculates your 3rd stimulus check using your AGI and 2019 taxes and finds that you have been underpaid after your 2020 tax processing, they would give you a little extra money and this adjustment is called the plus-up payment.

Those getting their 3rd stimulus check payment through direct deposit should expect their plus-up payment similarly. If your details are not on the files of the IRS, you will most probably receive them inside the paper check.

The plus-up payments will be delivered every week once the IRS reevaluates checks and processes tax forms of 2020. The batch of payments this week will have around 1M plus-up payments for over $2 million. For individuals receiving their original stimulus check, the payment should be expected in the mail. Otherwise, the existing prepaid debit card or an electronic transfer will be preferred for any extra amounts like the “plus-up” amounts. Federal beneficiaries will also be getting their payments by the latter method.