Look Out For Stimulus Check Payment Worth $1500

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

There are several states that have been issuing stimulus check payments to the residents who have been deemed eligible. For a vast majority of the states, the payments are ongoing, or they would be distributed in the next few weeks, out of which the highest one could receive would be $1500.

Some of the payments that are being issued by the states are also a part of a massive tax rebate, and several others are being issued as a part of the program. The amount of money that one would receive from the payment will also vary based on what state the recipient resided in if the person was single or married, and how much the annual income of the recipient was. 

Stimulus Check Payment In The States of Maine and Georgia

Residents in the state of Georgia will be receiving money from a surplus tax refund this month currently- that would see a stimulus check payment of $250 to single taxpayers, $375 to the heads of households, and $500 to married couples that have filed jointly, as mentioned by the Georgia Department of Revenue.

In order to be eligible for this refund, a recipient must have already filed an individual income tax return for the tax years 2021 and 2022 by the deadline on 18th April- where they must have had a liability for the tax year of 2021. They should also be a resident of Georgia, nonresident, or part-year resident. 

In the state of Maine, the stimulus check payments have been issued from the Emergency Winter Energy Relief Plan in January. The payments are worth around $450 for individual recipients, with married joint filers for the 2021 Maine individual income tax return to receive $900. All the payments are expected to have been mailed out by 31st March. So, if a person is expecting to receive the payment but keeps on facing delays, they could send an email to the official mailing id.