Stimulus Check Payments- Who Will Be Qualifying For The Payments In Georgia?

Stimulus check

The Georgia House of Representatives recently passed a stimulus check bill worth $500 which will be available for those who filed their tax returns for 2021 and 2022. This, for those who are wondering, is supposed to be a massive renewal of a previous tax credit that was enacted the last year and kicked in when the tax returns for both 2020 and 2021 were submitted.

Georgia To Issue New Stimulus Check Payment

 Currently, it is up to the Senate in Georgia in order to determine if the large population will find the $250 and $500 tacked onto their previous tax refund. The stimulus check bill that was passed in the House by a massive margin could already indicate a high chance of that taking place in the upper chambers. As it is pretty well known, this credit was a major pillar of Governor Brian Kemp’s election campaign, which he ended up winning in November. With the voters in the state delivering the votes, it is natural that the Governor is looking toward fulfilling his own promises. 

The stimulus check amount that is distributed will also be dependent on the filing status of an individual, and if they already have a single dependent in their care. The only catch present is that the size of this credit can, under no circumstance, be larger than the size of the refund before the credit that would be added on top of it.

Since this bill has already been adopted in the House of Representatives, it will now be sent to the Senate. The previous year saw the Senate approving the 16th March bill, which means the lawmakers in the chamber could still be revising or negotiating the legislation. Since the month is already upon us, one can expect a vote in the coming weeks.