A Couple Of States Will Receive More Than $1000 In Stimulus Check Payments In April

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It has been quite well documented that the federal government had previously issued stimulus check payments as a response to the pandemic in March 2021. But there are a few states that have been issuing their citizens with some form of financial assistance even in the current year. There are a few taxpayers in the state of Alaska and New Jersey, who would be receiving more than $1000 this spring. For the last 41 years, the government of Alaska has had some shared investment income that came in from oil revenues with the residents of the state through the Permanent Fund Dividend program. This particular year, the payout that was approved per every applicant was around $3,284, which is a far larger amount than is usually issued. 

New Jersey and Alaska To Receive Stimulus Check Payments

To receive this stimulus check payment, the citizens of the state should apply for this payment by the 31st of March. The eligibility criteria include but aren’t limited to being a resident of the state and avoiding prison time for the whole year. The next dates for a payout are April 20 and May 18. The benefits would then be disbursed based on when the application was processed or received. In the state of New Jersey, it is the ANCHOR Property Tax Relief program that will look towards replacing the Homestead Benefit- and was created to offset multiple years of hikes in property taxes. 

To be deemed eligible for the stimulus check payment, applicants in the state of New Jersey must have rented or owned their primary residence on the 19th of October, 2019, and must also be exempted from the state income taxes of New Jersey.