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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Stimulus Check Update- Will Pennsylvania Issue Money?

The state legislature in Pennsylvania is currently working through a new budget that has a deadline on the 30th of June- one that could see stimulus check payments being made. As it turns out, the state currently has around $2.2 billion left in stimulus funds that it could ideally spend, along with a sum of $5 billion in surplus tax revenue as mentioned by SpotlightPA.org.

It is also quite interesting to note that politicians from both sides have also decided to support quite a few proposals that would ensure the spending of the funds in a multitude of ways. 

Pennsylvania Budget Has Issued Several Features Along With Stimulus Check Payments

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One of the proposals that have been gaining a lot of traction in the state has been the suggestion of Governor Tom Wolf to send stimulus check payments worth $2,000 to the residents of the state. The PA Opportunity Program will also be issuing a sum of $500 million of the excess money from the American Rescue Plan towards helping families with household incomes under a sum of $80,000. However, it is being understood that quite a few Republicans are solely critical of that plan, stating that it could worsen the situation of inflation. 

Another proposal, along with stimulus check payments, which has been gaining traction has been one that would offer grants to landlords and homeowners in order to renovate their dilapidated properties. The Whole Homes-Repair Fund, which has been supported by the Republicans, will definitely be of much use in fixing homes in the Coal Region before they end up collapsing, which would ultimately save the state a lot of tax dollars.

Other programs and projects that have also been receiving acceptance in the legislature along with Stimulus check payments have included higher education funding, paid family leave, K-12 education, and school repairs.  

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