Stimulus Check Update: Pennsylvania To Launch Budget Season

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The Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, and quite a few lawmakers of the state have decided to get into the busiest stretch of the month- preparing a budget that would facilitate a stimulus check payment.

As it stands, the budget-making and horse-trading weeks of June are quite different than any other in memory, with several billions of extra dollars left to be spent from the government funding. The current situation can still be considered quite unusual- especially for a state that has been embroiled in deficits since the Great Recession and has definitely been struggling with a shrinking workforce and a growing elderly population. 

Stimulus Check Payment- Pennsylvania Could Be Issuing One

Interestingly, all of these developments haven’t really put a shadow on the demands for money- especially demands stimulus check payments. Stan Taylor, the House Appropriations Committee Chair, recently stated that it should have been quite easy to fix a budget, but when people had money, they would want to spend more of it- which would then lead to more demand. As it turns out, assembling a spending plan that would be initiated from the 1st of July will definitely see itself being played out in the shadow of partisan fights over multiple abortion rights, proposed constitutional amendments, and gun violence. 

Governor Tom Wolf, who will be serving his last year in office, recently kicked off the budget season back in February with a proposal of $43.7 billion to the Legislature that was controlled by the Republicans. One of the dominant features along with stimulus check payments was the request for a sum of $1.8 billion that would be used for developing the mode of instruction in public schools. 

All that currently remains to be seen is how the lawmakers from the Republican party would be willing to approve the GOP budget priorities along with a stimulus check payment.