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Monday, May 29, 2023

Stimulus Check Update: Petition Reaches 3 Million Signatures

The famed petition which asks for a stimulus check sum of $2,000 has been on the trot of reaching its goal of 3 million signatures. The speed at which it is reaching its goal has been facilitated with the rise in COVID-19 cases, along with deaths and hospitalizations which are on a surprisingly steady decline.

Interestingly, while the petition for the payments keeps increasing in popularity daily, it definitely hasn’t yet translated into support from the members of Congress. The petition was launched by Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner in Denver, the previous year when she called for the U.S House of Representatives and Senate to provide a stimulus payment of $2,000 for adults along with a payment of $1,000 for kids immediately. 

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Stimulus Check Petition Reaches 3 Million Signatures

As of Saturday, the petition for a stimulus check has reached around 2.9 million signatures, with almost 43,000 supporters coming in this month itself. It is definitely on its way to becoming the most signed petition on Change.org if it does manage to reach the goal of 3 million signatures.

With the growth of that campaign, there has been a senior citizens advocacy group that has also asked the legislators in Congress to bring out legislation that would help Social Security recipients to a payment of $1,400. 

Throughout the previous month, the Senior Citizens League gathered thousands of signatures- in their effort to cajole Congress to bring about a round of $1,400 emergency stimulus check payments which would go on to help almost 69 million beneficiaries of Social Security- which includes disabled adults and their dependents, retirees, widows, and widowers.

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According to a recent survey conducted on them, it has been highlighted that there has been an increase of 6.2% in the cost of living in 2022, which is well above the benefits increase of 1.3%. 

It has been pretty well documented that several congressional lawmakers have asked the President to support another stimulus check payment this year.

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