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$2,000 Stimulus Check Petition Manages To Cross 2.7M Signatures!

A petition for a stimulus check of $2,000 managed to cross the mark of 2.7M signatures on Sunday. This comes amidst the latest increase in Coronavirus cases inside the US. In 2020, Stephanie Bonin, owner, Denver restaurant, posted a Change.org petition. The petition has a goal of collecting 3M signatures. 

Petition Calling For A 4th Stimulus Check To Be The Most Signed Petition On The Platform!

The petition requests the federal government for another stimulus check of $2,000. Till now, the petition has managed to collect around 2,700,038 signatures. The petition demands the US Congress lawmakers to pass another bill sending eligible Americans checks of $2,000.  The petition also demands the US Congress lawmakers to pass another bill sending eligible American children payments of $1,000 every month till this pandemic ends once and for all.

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Inside the petition, Bonin mentioned that payments of $2,000 for American adults and payments of $1,000 for American kids should be provided by the members of Congress till this crisis ends. In short, the petition talks about another stimulus check. Bonin also mentioned that if this help is not provided by the federal government, the workers, self-employed Americans, furloughed and laid-off American workers won’t be able to pay for their food and their home rent. 

The petition, calling for a fourth stimulus check has been hailed as being among the 10 petitions which managed to change 2020. In the last week alone, the petition managed to garner over 65,000 supporters. If the number of signatures manages to cross the mark of three million, it will become the most signed petition of the Change.org platform. In July, this petition gathered around 250,000 signatures. If this petition manages to gather enough supporters, then a fourth stimulus check will seem more possible. 

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