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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: Petition Surges Towards 3 Million Signatures

One of the most popular stimulus check petitions in recent times has already garnered almost 3 million signatures in record times. This petition calls for a federal payment worth $2,000 paid to every American living in the country. As it stands, most Americans are still unemployed while a lot have already gone through major financial trouble substantially during the pandemic. While the economy shows signs of recovery, millions of Americans believe that another payment would definitely go a long way towards rehabilitation. 

Fourth Stimulus Check Petition Garners 3 million signatures

As of Saturday, the petition by Stephanie Bonin that calls for a stimulus check worth $2,000 has already accrued more than 2.63 million signatures. As of now, the petition has a major goal of reaching around 3 million signatures. Interestingly, quite a few lawmakers in Congress have pledged their support to more stimulus payments, which would definitely help the country out. Bonin has remarked that the country is still undergoing a major crisis. The economic recovery that Congress is talking about hasn’t reached every American yet. 

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This implies that the true rate of unemployment for low-wage workers has been fixed at over 20 percent. And most people are already facing large debts from the previous year like rent, child care, and rent. These can be thought of as major reasons why a new stimulus check needs to be targeted to those who are still struggling- something Congress needs to understand from the previous year. Currently, millions of Americans have already put forward their demands for extra stimulus payments, with Bonin describing herself as one of the many citizens who are afraid of her own financial future. 

After Joe Biden came to office at the beginning of the year, most of the Democrats have been pushing for yet another COVID bill that would put out stimulus check payments worth $1,400.

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