Stimulus Check Info: Your Plus-Up Payments Timeline & Schedule Of The IRS Payment

Stimulus check

Your stimulus check may reach you any week now if you haven’t received it yet. The IRS is sending the payments every week. Even if you have received your check, or are waiting for it, there are things you need to catch up on. It could be the delivery schedules, catch-up amount, part checks, and much more. Also how you can appeal against your check being garnished by private debt collectors.

The payments being sent out by the IRS include fresh stimulus checks and additional or plus-up checks. These payments are supplemental to the original stimulus check after the IRS processed your 2020 returns. If you have got your check you need to know how to resolve an issue when it crops up. This includes the way to track the check, including paper checks that were sent through the US postal service.

The Stimulus Check Plus-Up Payment: Reasons You Could Get One

The plus-up check is an additional payment to your stimulus check sent out by the IRS. It includes payments that were due to you for various reasons, including the birth of a child in 2020 that was not reflected in the previous tax returns.

Also if your 2020 tax return reflected a lower income, your stimulus check amount may go up as your initial check was calculated based on your AGI in your 2019 returns,

How You Could Receive Your Stimulus Check

If you have not received your stimulus check, keep track of it through the free tool of the US postal service. You will receive it by pre-loaded debit cards or paper checks. But you could also get a direct transfer to your Direct Express benefit card if you are a recipient under SSI and SSDI schemes. Keep the IRS and the US postal service updated if you change your residential address.

Issues That Could Delay Your Stimulus Check

The SSI, SSDI, and retired railroad workers received their payment only this week. Veterans are expected to receive their stimulus check next week. These checks were delayed because the IRS did not receive their files on time from the relevant departments.

Your check was dispatched to a closed or temporary bank account. Keep a follow-up and inform the IRS and the bank of the change in your bank account.

stimulus check
stimulus check

Your accurate mailing address is not with either the IRS or the US postal service. Update the information with the relevant authorities.

Your payment could have been garnished by private debt collectors.

If you are a non-filer, you might have to file your 2020 returns to speed up the process of getting your stimulus check.

For those who have received an initial third stimulus check, there might be added or revised payments based on your latest tax returns or an addition to your list of dependents that were previously unknown to the authorities.

Tracking Your Stimulus Check Online

Calling up the authorities will never help as they have only the information contained in the ‘Get My Payment’ tracker. This tool is updated every day by the IRS.

This portal also indicates if there is a difficulty with the payment that perhaps you can address or get rectified by the IRS.

Veterans will get updates on their payment in the second week of April. Also, use the free tracker of the US postal service.

The Major Timelines Of Your Stimulus Check

The stimulus bill finally became law when it was signed by President Biden on March 11. The direct deposits were made between March 12 and 24. Checks were also sent out during this period through the US postal service, though the numbers were negligible. The rest of the payments have mainly gone out through the postal department. Only plus-up checks are regularly being sent out through direct deposits.

The SSI, SSDI, and retired railroad employees’ stimulus checks were sent out starting April 3. The veterans will get their checks between the second and the third week.

Things To Do If You Are Missing Out On Any Stimulus Payment

The first thing is to file a payment trace. The timeline for filing a trace is different for payments. If your payment was sent by direct deposit, you have to file a trace after 5 days. For postal checks, the wait is 4 weeks, 6 weeks for a forwarded address, and 9 weeks for a foreign address.

If you have received a letter from the IRS informing you that your money was sent, request for a payment trace, referring to the letter for required information.  The information for a payment trace should be filled out in Form 3911, Taxpayer Statement Regarding Refund.

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check Updates For Social Security, SSI, SSDI, And Veterans: Things To Be Familiar With

SSDI and SSI recipients have already started receiving their stimulus checks through direct transfers starting April 3. Retired rail workers have also reviewed their stimulus check in the same period. Payments have also gone out through Direct Express cards.

Those receiving veteran benefits are expected to get their payment starting April 14. Their information will be available in the ‘Get My Tool’ this weekend.

Details Regarding Garnishment Of Your Stimulus Check

There are some major protections for recipients of the third stimulus check. The IRS will not garnish your check for payment of back taxes or other federal debts. The check will also not be used to pay for overdue child support.

You can also contact your bank and get details of appealing to the local court to prevent your stimulus check from being garnished by private debt collectors.

Recovering Previous Dues Of Your Stimulus Payments

Any amount due from the first two stimulus payments can be recovered through the Recovery Rebate Credit that is a part of your 2020 tax returns filed this year. But federal and state dues can be recovered from these extra stimulus payments. The exception is for money for past federal taxes due effective March 18.

How Exactly Will A Payment Trace Help?

You will get a response from the IRS within 6 weeks after you file a payment trace. this has been put up on the IRS website. But in reality, the process may be delayed due to a shortage of staff.

The IRS will issue a replacement for the original stimulus check that never reached you. You will need to return the first if you receive it. As such, the same payment method will be followed for the current round of checks as well. Federal beneficiaries will also be getting their payments by this method. If you cased the refund check, the authorities will include a copy of the cashed check. You will need to follow the instructions. Your claim will be reviewed and a replacement issued to guard against stimulus check fraud.