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Stimulus Check 2023 Causing Massive Price Surge?

Americans have been struggling with rising costs for months now, and the latest increase is in the price of eggs. The avian influenza epidemic has caused the death of close to 58 million poultry, leading to a dramatic increase in the cost of eggs. As of December 2022, the average cost of a dozen large Grade A eggs has more than doubled compared to one year prior. While it is unlikely that rising egg prices alone will prompt the federal government to offer more financial relief, some states have already taken steps to provide inflation-relief payments, with some locations specifically waiving taxes on everyday essentials.

Stimulus Check Causing Worries For Households?

The deep and widespread economic and social damage caused by the global financial crisis has been followed by a decade of slow economic growth, causing financial stress for many households. The coronavirus pandemic has only added to this financial burden, as people have had to take up new expenses to cover medical bills and other costs. With the cost of eggs increasing so dramatically, more stimulus money may be necessary to help Americans afford the essentials.

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In order to help people cope with the extra costs, lawmakers have proposed a number of bills that focus on providing financial relief. For example, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 offered direct stimulus check payments to individuals and families, as well as an extension of unemployment benefits and tax credits. In addition, the government has put in place a number of programs to help people pay their rent, mortgages, and utility bills.

However, with the cost of eggs continuing to rise, more financial assistance may be needed. It is possible that additional stimulus check money could be justified if egg prices stay high for an extended period of time. This could help people cover the cost of food and other essentials, allowing them to maintain economic stability.

It is unclear whether the government will act to provide more stimulus check due to the increasing cost of eggs. However, it is clear that the rising prices are having a major impact on household budgets, and the government may need to take steps to ensure that people can afford the basics. If egg prices continue to increase, more stimulus money may be necessary to help people cope with the financial burden.

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