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Stimulus Check: Probability Of A Fourth Check

While Congress did approve three separate stimulus check payments during the pandemic, there is no guarantee that they would approve another. Regardless, there have been multiple claims circulating social media where the posts state that Congress went on to approve another stimulus payment worth $2,500.

Easy to say, they have all been a lie. Incidentally, this claim did prompt the viewers of 13News to verify if this talk of another payment had any credibility attached to it. This actually made a viewer, David Lewellen, ask if they would be getting another stimulus payment. 

Where Do We Stand On The Fourth Stimulus Check

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Needless to say, such claims led the US Department of Treasury as well as the IRS to come out and start discrediting such farcical claims. As it stands, David isn’t the only viewer who has been wondering about the possibility of a fourth stimulus check. According to Google Trends, the term increased dramatically in search numbers in March and has been increasing gradually.

Interestingly, the surge also coincides with a letter that the POTUS had received from a coalition of 21 senators. The letter had them voicing their concerns about the uneven recovery of the economy as well as expressing their support for more monthly payments that will help the citizens stay afloat in such turbulent times. 

There is no reason why anyone should put any stock in social media claims. For, the IRS notifies everyone when they start approving the stimulus check packages- something that they have done in the past. So, if another stimulus package comes out, everyone will be notified of it from official sources. Currently, neither the IRS nor the Department of Treasury has mentioned anything about the fourth round of payments. 

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A spokesperson from the office of Sen. Ron Wyden- the chairman of the Finance Committee- mentioned that he is not aware of a fourth stimulus check which could be making the rounds.

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