Stimulus Check: Residents Of North Carolina Get Ready

Stimulus Check Disability Benefit
Stimulus Check

Good news for the residents of North Carolina. They might soon receive a stimulus check directly into their bank account.

Stimulus Check Of Nearly $3000 For Residents Of North Carolina

They might receive close to nearly USD 3000 per month. This would bring much welcome relief to the residents who have been fighting hard to cope with the ever-rising prices of daily essentials.

C P Index report published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for all southern regions which include North Carolina even, shows the CP Index for Urban consumers for every item has risen by 8.7 PC. in the month of September. Considering this rise which is very high and the residents of North Carolina are really struggling to make ends meet. It is becoming increasingly difficult for them.

It has been recently announced that the residents of North Carolina could get stimulus check payments which will be directly credited to their bank account. It is also said that the residents will get per month stimulus checks of nearly USD 3000, which will greatly help reduce their struggle to make ends meet and shall provide them some protection from the ever-rising inflation. 

As per the officials of the SSA ( Social Security Administration), the residents of North Carolina could see an increased COLA benefit per month of around 8.7 percent. This means that old couples could both get benefits, per month, of USD 2970. 

According to a census report on population, approximately 1.7 M people residing in the state are aged above 65. This figure constitutes nearly 17 percent of the population of the State of North Carolina.

Recently a poll on Healthy Aging was conducted and the results of the poll show that aged people in the age group of 50 to 80 have suffered the most. They have compromised the diet of their health due to the increased price of groceries.