Melissa Gorga’s Insinuation Led To Drunken Jennifer Aydin’s Misbehavior

Melissa Gorga
Melissa Gorga

The big showdown that happened at the 2022 BravoCon function was totally uncalled for. Melissa Gorga the star of RHONY(Real Housewives of New  Jersey)finally shares her side of the story.

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Jennifer Aydin was seen behaving in an unruly manner and she threw her drink at Joe Gorga during the squabble. Melissa Gorga admitted that for the BravoCon show she had been previously warned that some people may say adverse things about her. True enough on one of the panels Jennifer,45 told the audience that Gorga’s role on RHONJ was at a risk. They could be ousted from the show. Melissa Gorga, 43 did ask her to mind her own business in her podcast.

On Sunday at the BravoCon show, they came face to face with each other. While Jennifer just stared her down and started walking away. Melissa Gorga goaded her by saying she was just a loser and a good-for-nothing. This led Jennifer who was already drunk to lose it. She started yelling and cursing loudly much to the dismay of the people around her. Joe Gorga who usually is a patient man called her a filthy batch who did not deserve to be on the show. This led to Jennifer throwing her drink at him. She was hurriedly taken away to her room upstairs. The security guards immediately took charge and quickly restored normalcy. This unpleasant scene was absolutely uncalled for.

Andy Cohen who is the head of BravoCon was very perturbed after hearing about the whole episode. Andy also added that the show’s panel was split into 2 parts due to Guidice’s ongoing feud with her brother Joe and sister-in-law Melissa.