Keeley Hazell Gets One Up On Olivia Wilde By Uploading The Same Salad Dressing Post

Keeley Hazell
Keeley Hazell

Keeley Hazell the British model and actress had dated her ‘Ted Lasso’ costar Jason  Sudeikis for a year after which they split between May this year. By posting the same salad dressing recipe as Olivia Wilde, Jason’s ex-fiancee she caused a massive clash between them. She was totally unapologetic about it.

Keeley Hazell outsmarts Olivia

After uploading the same salad dressing recipe and similar quotes which were taken from Nora Ephron’s book, ‘Heartburn’. Keeley Hazell wanted to mock Olivia. Olivia and Jason got into a relationship way back in 2011. She gave birth to a baby boy in 2013. He was named Otis Sudeikis. Their daughter Daisy was born in the year 2016. After being engaged to each other for a decade they finally decided to call it off.

Jason started dating Keeley Hazell, while Olivia is seeing Harry Styles.

The quote from Nora’s book laid stresses the fact that whoever conveyed the story would draw the people’s attention and sympathy towards herself. This way it would be easier to move on in life said, Keeley.

The dressing had mustard( Gray Poupon) and vinegar made from red wine. It had to be beaten together with olive oil. This strong concoction was good for plants like endive, watercress, etc.

The fact that Jason had shared Olivia’s recipe with Keeley totally took her by surprise.

Once Jason literally lay down under Olivia’s car so that she wouldn’t be able to go and have dinner with Harry with her homemade salad dressing. The drama that ensued was further elaborated by their former nanny who said that Jason was wild and Olivia kept screaming that she was feeling frightened. Finally, Olivia went inside the house much to Jason’s delight. He felt smug that he had delayed her.

Both Jason and  Olivia have issued a joint statement saying that it was not fair on the part of their former nanny to give out personal information about the family. The children too were being dragged into this.