Stimulus Check 2023: Rise Up Cambridge Initiative Will Offer $500

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21 states created measures to reduce inflation and provide other forms of help for citizens after the federal stimulus payments were discontinued in 2022. There haven’t been many recent statements from the state or federal administrations, despite the recession and the high rate of inflation. 

However, using money from various sources, local governments, especially cities, have developed creative solutions to assist particular populations of citizens. Rise Up Cambridge’s debut has been announced by one of these local administrative bodies, the city of Cambridge. This scheme involves direct financial transfers. 

Stimulus Check Will Help Residents

This stimulus payment aids families in overcoming economic disparity and poverty. The initiative, which will cost $22 million, would give qualified families that seek aid direct financial help using money from the federal American Rescue Plan Act. 

This program assists families with children under the age of 21 who earn at or below 250% of the federal poverty threshold.   These families are eligible to receive a $500 stimulus payment every six months for a total of 18 months. 

At a news conference, Cambridge’s mayor, Sumbul Siddiqui, stated that families living below the poverty line simply lacked the resources to attain stability since the city’s economic progress had not reached every area of the city. The Rise Up Cambridge stimulus cheques were created because the advantages were only available to the wealthy and top classes of the middle class. 

The Cambridge Recurring Income for Success and Empowerment (RISE) program was introduced in 2021, marking the beginning of the city’s stimulus check program. This program helped low-income families with lone caregivers who were badly impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.