Is A Fourth Stimulus Check For Social Security Beneficiary Possible Amid $1400 Payment Petition?

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Stimulus Check

The 4th stimulus check for the senior citizens of the US is being continuously pushed by a very significant non-partisan group that is much needed. 

League of Senior Citizens recently wrote a petition to the Congress members requesting them for additional benefits for Social Security beneficiaries. This group is requesting the federal government to consider paying an added $1400 payment. 

The letter written by Rick Delaney, TSCL Chairman states they are paying attention to the financial crisis of retired and elderly citizens. The elderly Americans can hardly afford a meal in a day and have been cutting their medication. The inflation is burning a deep hole in their savings and the small raise in Social Security is not enough to cover their expenses. 

Elderly Demand Additional Stimulus Check 

The recipients of Social Security have demanded an added $1400 checks as said by Delaney. This excess payment will certainly assist them by providing additional non-taxable income. 

Delaney further stated that it is their firm belief that Social Security beneficiaries will help defray higher expenditures. Moreover, people might also be shifted into the higher tax category due to the COLA raise and lead to surcharges on Medicare premiums. 

Recipients of Social Security might soon receive an increased 5.9% each month in 2022. Retired citizens may also receive a monthly $92 but this amount will definitely get spent due to inflation. 

As of now, Americans received 3 rounds of stimulus checks to keep people afloat during the pandemic. Nonetheless, people have not received any confirmation regarding another stimulus payment yet. 

The letter of the League has initiated a petition on online portals to garner signatures in support of stimulus payments for the elderly citizens in the US.