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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Stimulus Check: What About Social Security?

The Social Security Administration announced it will send out December benefits in seven days, a departure from its usual schedule of one to three weeks. While that’s still not as fast as direct deposit and previous years’ practice, it’s an improvement over earlier this month.

Social Security checks are set to be delivered in the mail just in time for Christmas.

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The Social Security Administration has yet to release details on how much the checks will be, but they have said that there will be no changes from last month’s amount. They also expect to continue paying out as normal until sometime next year when they can pay back their debt to the Treasury.

Stimulus Check Money For The Social Security Recipients?

In other words, your checks will arrive on these dates:

  • The Social Security Administration will begin mailing out checks on December 30.
  • The first stimulus check for the month of January will be mailed on January 3.
  • The second stimulus check for the month of January will be mailed on January 10.

    The payments, which are designed to provide a second round of stimulus spending, will arrive in seven days. The bill would provide for a second round of stimulus payments that are $600 for individuals making up to $75,000 per year or married couples earning up to $150,000; the reduced amount of $500 goes to dependents under 17.

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    In addition to stimulus checks, the legislation would allocate another $300 per week to federal unemployment insurance through March, continue funding Paycheck Protection Program small business loans and provide funding to schools and hospitals in response to COVID-19.

    The government is still waiting to hear if the COVID-19 relief bill will pass. If it does, we will know soon if more money is coming to help people make ends meet.

    It could be good news for Social Security recipients and anyone who’s struggling with their finances because there are signs that the bill may be gaining support from both sides of the aisle.

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